The Driftless Area Karst Trail

To celebrate 2021 and 2022, the International Year of Caves and Karst, our collaborative effort called the Driftless Area Karst Trail (DARK) was developed under the National Speleological Society and modeled after the Virginia Cave and Karst Trail. The DARK Trail highlights Discovery Areas in the driftless states—Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois—that showcase the region’s dramatic landscape, including caves, springs, trails, state parks, scenic overlooks, and exhibits.

Here on our website, you can search and explore the DARK Trail geographic Discovery Areas by state and county. You can also explore these locations with the interactive Flyover Country App, developed by the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the National Science Foundation.

The Partners & Projects Behind the Driftless Area Karst Trail

Thank you to all of our partners! To learn more about the partners and projects working to maintain and guide you through the Driftless Area Karst Trail, please click the links below: