Carroll County Discovery Area

Mississippi Palisades State Park

16327A IL-84, Savanna IL, 61074

Coordinates: 42.14411872000308° N, -90.16855966373454° W


Located north of the City of Savanna, Illinois, the 2,500-acre Mississippi Palisades State Park provides an extensive opportunity to explore the Mississippi bluffs with 15 miles of trails as well as offering picnicking and camping amenities. Rock climbing is also allowed in some areas of the park. Sinkholes are evident as are caves (including ceiling-less caves), and sculptural erosional remnants including Indian Head and Twin Sisters. The five trails in the northern part of the park are generally longer, wider, and less strenuous than the five in the south, which are narrow and have overlooks of the river.


The North System includes High Point Trail at 1.5 miles and Aspen at 1.7 miles. Sunset and Sentinel Trails are the park’s most popular trails, but these and other southern loops are not for the tenderfoot. Ozzie’s Point, Louis’ Point and Lookout Point, three developed overlooks accessible by short walks, offer a surfaced trail leading to an overlook. Oak Point offers a trail surface suitable for the physically challenged.


Maintained by: Illinois Department of Natural Resources


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